Providing cost-effective food processing and manufacturing solutions for your food consulting needs.

Manufacturers today are in a highly competitive global market place and profit margins that were once easy to obtain are gone.  Resources within companies are limited, while work is increasing.  Also, some problems are difficult to solve from within a company.  As Albert Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."  A solution can be seen easier from an outside perspective.

Flock Food Solutions is the answer for the hard pressed manager's state of affairs.  Using FFS offers the following advantages:

  • No Commitment to long term hire.

  • Spend valuable dollars only on actual project work.

  • Low start-up learning curve.

  • Not just "consulting", but "boots" on the ground.

  • Rates are flexible depending on project scope.

FFS has extensive and diversified experience in multiple food technologies and product types.  We can work on sales, commercial product launches, technology implementation, factory optimizations and start-ups, cost reductions and strategic platforms.